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We really aren't fans of the IT stereotype. You know, the sloppy guy that won't really talk to you, but leaves food behind when he's done working on your machine. We really believe that your support staff should be as professional as you are. Each of our service technicians is a degreed professional, with the sole objective of making your life easier. Once your issues are resolved, our immediate next step is to propose solutions that will reduce the risk of future difficulty. This is definitely more than a break-fix approach.

DDI is a solutions provider that will not only help to sustain your business, but to develop it alongside you.

IT Management & Support

Every company has different needs and we're structured to accommodate just about anyone. Whether you're looking to have someone on site every day or just need a couple hours of support every other week, we're ready and waiting.


At this point, the gap between your voice and data networks is very small. DDI develops integrated solutions that give you access to your company voice line at your desk, from home, or from the road. The only limitation to connectivity is your desire to get away from work at the end of the day.


We're nearly always asked about the security of our solutions and recognize fully that if your data isn't protected then we haven't done our job. Preserving the integrity of your confidential information is a serious matter, and not the place to spare expense. We monitor network activity and take steps to ensure that your internal data remains internal.


With your team, clients and vendors spread across any number of regions, you can't always meet face-to-face. DDI integrates video conferencing solutions into your operation, making presentations and communication with an off-site audience much easier, and far more professional.


We understand that slow connection speeds and down time kill productivity. Trust us, we hate when it happens to us (Yes, we're admitting that it does happen). Inevitably, everyone faces down time at some point, and we feel it's incredibly important to be responsive and to restore connectivity as quickly as we possibly can. Even when the issue falls out of our hands, we're still on the front lines to push vendors forward and to keep you well informed.

Disaster Recovery

These days, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning are considered vital activities for businesses. It is imperative to understand the potential impact on day-to-day activities should something unplanned happen. By utilizing vast experiences and cutting edge technology, DDI is able to build plans tailored to the needs of your company.


Long are the days gone when email was the sole form of “Electronic Messaging”. With the advent of mobile and handheld computing, there are countless ways to reach someone electronically. The trick is sorting through the mass amount of options to setup a solid platform. This platform should work for today’s technology and be scalable enough for tomorrow’s.


Let’s face it; buying servers is an expensive business. By utilizing virtualization, you can significantly cut down on your hardware spend and increase on your disaster recovery capabilities. Virtualization allows you to install multiple server instances on one physical instance of hardware. There are many different options available to you and based on your needs, we can figure out the right solution for you.

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